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Mechanics Liens are powerful protection against non-payment.
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Preliminary Notice

Contractors, suppliers, and other providers of labor, material, eqiupment, or other services that add value to real property have the right to file a mechanic's lien if they are not paid for their services. In order to preserve that right, most states require a Pre-liminary (prelim) Notice to be sent to the Owner, Construction, Lender, and Original Contractor as a "heads up" that you have done work and expect to be paid.

Lien Claim

If the Preliminary Notice does not prompt payment, a Lien Claim is the next step for a Contractor, Supplier, or other provider of construction services to ensure payment. The Lien Claim is a recorded document and a legal encumbrance on improved real property. A copy is required to be sent to the responsible parties. Timelines and formats vary by state..

Bond claim

On most public and some private projects, the General Contractor is required to provide a payment bond to the Owner of that project. If a Contractor, Supplier, or other provider of labor, material, equipment, or other services is not paid on that project, he has the right to file a claim against that payment bond. Timelines for claims on public works projects vary by state. Contact us to learn more..

Notice of Intent to Lien

In many states, a Notice of Intent to Lien is a statutory requirement that an owner of improved real property must receive before a Contractor, Supplier, or other provider of construction services can record a Mechanic's Lien. Even in states that do not have this statutory requirement, a Notice of Intent to Lien may instigate payment without incurring the more expensive cost of a Mechanic's Lien

Stop Notice

A Stop Notice is an additional powerful remedy available in some states to help you get paid. This notice places an immediate "hold" on disbursements owed to you from the owner or lender of a construction project. This "hold" often effectively shuts down that project until payment issues have been resolved.
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How It Works


Sending a notice often prompts immediate payment. Then you're done.

Stop Notice

If not paid, sending a stop notice will make them "hold" your payment and not spend it in some states.


If not paid, filing a lien or bond claim gives you an actual security interest in the improved property.


If still not paid, consult with an attorney to consider taking the next step of foreclosing on the improved property.


Mechanics liens are powerful protection against non-payment in Arizona, California, and Nation-wide.